Pro Tips for Cold Brew Coffee

Pro Tips for Cold Brew Coffee

Preparing a flawless cup of coffee is a fine art and often it takes a lot of trial and error until you find your favorite way of brewing coffee. Homemade cold brew coffee is not too hard to prepare, almost anyone can do it, but just following a recipe doesn’t necessarily end with a perfect product. Here are a few pro tips for cold brew coffee that will make sure you avoid common mistakes and that will make your coffee-based refreshment taste a little better.

Extended steeping time allows water to absorb more caffeine

The steeping period can seem long compared to an average amount of time needed to brew coffee. However, it is essential to the process of preparing the cold brew coffee. The coffee releases caffeine and other flavor defining substances when the hot-brew method is used, but with the cold brew method, there is no heat to speed up the process. That is why it is crucial to wait at least 16 hours before filtering the brew and as a result, the coffee concentrate you get will have a higher amount of caffeine.

Use light roast beans

With so many different brands of coffee out there, selecting the one that will supply that special flavor can be a daunting task. Whichever brand you choose, always look for light roast beans, even though they demand longer steeping time.

Dark coffee roasts take less time to extract, but the ashes from the roast will dissolve in the water and the coffee concentrate will have a darker color and a flavor that isn’t as delicious as it would be if you used light roast beans. This pro tip for cold brew coffee can save you a lot of time and effort, and it will improve your cold brew coffee making skills.

Hot or Cold water, it is all the same

It sounds pretty logical that for a cold brew coffee you should use cold water, but as a matter of fact, adding hot water at the beginning of the steeping process can speed the process up. Hot water will extract the caffeine faster from the ground coffee, than cold. However, this can only give you an initial boost and you shouldn’t add more hot water during the steeping process.

This can be quite handy if you are preparing the cold brew coffee before going to bed and you need the cold coffee as soon as you wake up, but still filtering the cold brew coffee too soon can result in a cold coffee concentrate that hasn’t absorbed the sufficient amount of caffeine.

Don’t grind the coffee beans too fineĀ 

Removing all the coffee grounds from the brew is essential for the process of making cold brew coffee. For this reason using too fine grind can present itself as a problem because it is more difficult to filter out. The coffee grounds should be coarse or at least medium in order to remove it from the brew, with as little trouble as possible.

Even so, filtering the cold brew coffee just once is not enough, and most coffee experts say that the process should be repeated at least two or three times.


June 24, 2017


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