How to: Cold Brew Coffee

How to: Cold Brew Coffee

Drinking coffee is one of the most common daily rituals in the world. True coffee enthusiasts know that there is no better feeling than preparing the cup of coffee by yourself and in accordance to your taste. In summer, we are looking for a drink to cool us down, which is why coffee is rarely on the top lists of summer drinks. You can change that this summer by learning how to make cold brew coffee. No boiling water, no waiting for your coffee to cool down, just add water in the right proportion and appreciate the coolness of your drink. Here are four easy steps that will take you through the process of making cold brew coffee

Selecting the Coffee Beans

You don’t need to be a coffee expert in order to find out how to make cold brew coffee. Before setting yourself on a mission of making the perfect refreshment for the summer, you first need to select the coffee beans you want to use. Different sorts of beans have different chemical composition and the choice between Arabica or Robusta beans can determine the quality of your cold brew.

The Steeping process

Once you have decided which coffee beans you want to use, put them in the coffee blender and grind them until you get coarse or medium ground coffee. Put the ground coffee in a glass jar or a pitcher, or French press coffee maker whichever you find the handiest. You’ll need to grind about one ounce of coffee for every cup of water you add to the brew. After adding coffee and room temperature water gently stir the brew to enhance the extraction. At this point, you can add mint, cinnamon or any other ingredient you wish to include.

Leave the brew at room temperature or put it in the refrigerator and leave it there for at least 12 hours, preferably longer. You shouldn’t wait longer than 24 hours, and according to some experts, the perfect amount of time is between 16 and 18 hours.


The next step of the process can be completed in several different ways. Perhaps the easiest way you can filter the cold coffee brew is by using standard paper filters. Simply pour steeped coffee through a paper filter and repeat this process until all the grounds are removed from the brew. If you choose to use a french press, gently and slowly press the plunger until coffee grounds are at the bottom of the container.

You can also use a cheesecloth or any other coffee filtering method, but it is important to repeat the process until all the coffee grounds are removed from the cold brew. If you are tired of repeating this process manually, you can also try Toddy’s cold brew system.

Relax and enjoy your Cold Brew Coffee

If you were thinking that you are never going to learn how to make cold brew coffee, this is the moment to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your efforts. You’ll soon discover that there are countless ways you can enjoy your homemade icy refreshment.


June 24, 2017


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