Cold Brew Coffee Accessories

Cold Brew Coffee Accessories

Everyone who enjoys a fine cup of good, strong coffee knows that every detail in coffee drinking ritual matters. The quality of coffee is just one out of many parameters that constitute a great coffee drinking experience. Your coffee cup, a coffee filter you use or home appliances that make cold brew coffee can all contribute to overall quality of the first cup of coffee you drink each morning. We’ve gathered a few of the best cold brew coffee accessories you can find on the market in order to make your cold brew coffee making experience as good as it can get.

Toddy T2N


Named after famous chemical engineer Todd Simpson, Toddy system coffee makers are among the best in the world. The coffee produced by Toddy’s T2N model contains 67% less acid than hot brew coffee and the cold brew coffee can stay fresh for up to two weeks. T2N model consists of a bucket, where water and coffee grounds are placed and a glass container that goes below the bucket. Even though it is relatively small in size and easy to store, you need to pay attention where you leave T2N, because it can break easily.

Coolgear BRU Deluxe Tumbler and Brewer


BRU Deluxe Tumbler and Brewer is a perfect tool for homemade cold brew coffee. It produces the cold coffee concentrate by using the dripping method. The Coolgrear Deluxe Tumbler and Brewer contains a plastic cone that should be filled with ground coffee and water, a BRU dial that enables you to adjust the coffee drip rate and a glass cup that stores the coffee drippings. This is a perfect accessory that produces just the right amount of coffee for your day.

NISPIRA Luxury Ice Cold Brew Dripper Coffee Maker in Stainless Steel


Yet another handsome and stylish coffee maker that produces the finest cold brew coffee you can imagine. The Nispira’s Ice Cold Brew Dripper Coffee Maker can make a maximum of 600ml of cold brew coffee, which is enough for 5 to 8 people. On the top of the set, there is a  glass container for ice or water and coffee grounds. Middle filter glass controls the water dripping and it has an adjustable valve that allows you to have full control over the dripping process. The bottom glass container can be used for storage of the cold coffee concentrate or as a glass from which you drink your cold coffee. The entire set is supported by stainless steel body frame.

Stainless steel cold brew coffee filters


Changing filters every time you want to make a fresh batch of cold brew coffee can be tiring which is why an increasing number of people chooses to switch to stainless cold brew filters. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be used on cups, jars, bottles or any other sort of container that is suitable for brewing cold coffee. The amount of mess made during the filtering process is significantly reduced by the stainless steel coffee filters and cleaning them is quite easy. There are a number of different brands that produce these filters, so finding the one that best suits your need shouldn’t be too difficult.


June 24, 2017


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