Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee

Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee

It can often be heard that coffee is bad for your health, but despite the popular belief coffee is actually one of the healthiest drinks on our planet. Of course not the regular coffee that you can get at Starbucks that is stuffed with all sorts of chemical sweeteners and flavoring,  but natural coffee without any additives. Benefits of cold brew coffee over the traditional hot brew coffee, go beyond the flavor since it is a proven fact that coffee brewed in cold water contains less acidic substances and more antioxidants.

Cold brew coffee reduces cholesterol

You may not believe it, but unfiltered coffee raises cholesterol levels in your blood stream. The cholesterol production is stimulated by kahweol and cafestol that is a common compound of all non-filter coffees. Cafestol and kahweol elevate the concentration of triglycerides and cholesterol in the human body and they can also affect liver cells to a certain degree. People who have increased cholesterol levels in their blood stream and love to drink hot brew coffee can drink the same amounts of cold brew coffee without the risk of deteriorating their health further.

The two compounds are better extracted at higher temperatures, which is the reason why cold brew coffee contains significantly lower levels of kahweol and cafestol. When preparing the cold brew coffee, make sure that the grounds are coarse because fine coffee grounds can transfer both of these compounds into your cup.

Better Regulation of Gastric Acid Secretion

Most people who experienced stomach pains after drinking a cup of coffee attributed the discomfort to the coffee’s high acid levels. Even though this can be a factor, it isn’t always the case and  N-methylpyridinium or NMP compound that is formed during the roasting process can even be beneficial for stomach pains. It inhibits the gastric acid secretion in the stomach and causes less pain in that area of the body after drinking a cup of coffee.

The dark roasts contain higher levels of NMP because they were roasted for a longer period of time and therefore have more NMP than light roasts. The cold brew coffee made with light roast coffee beans can be hard on a sensitive stomach. Even so, it is better to use light roast coffee beans if you want to experience fully the benefits of cold brew coffee on your health.

67% less acidic substances than hot brew coffee  

It is no secret that unfiltered coffee contains high levels of acid that can produce a number of health concerns. Those suffering from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease will benefit from cold brew coffee because it contains 67% less acid than hot brew coffee. The high brewing temperature releases the acid from the coffee beans, while lower brewing temperatures don’t allow the extraction of acidic substances.

However, not all acids that can be found in your coffee are bad for your health. Cold brew coffee contains large amounts of chlorogenic acid, a powerful antioxidant that plays the vital role in suppressing free radicals. Cold brew coffee will protect your body from potentially harmful acidic substances and at the same time, it will improve your health.


June 24, 2017


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